“Emily Rose embodies the concept of songwriting as calling over profession.”
-Scott Kraus, Detroit Songwriter Compagnia

Image by   Cybelle Codish


Detroit Songwriter and Storyteller Emily Rose Releases a New Album, “Wake Up Brave”

It’s been 7 years since Emily Rose put out an album and 3 of those years working on this new collection of songs. Her perfectionist approach to songwriting made it well worth the wait.


Emily Rose faces the future on latest record

Emily Rose admits she's a perfectionist. Not that everything has to be perfect, but her songs, and even more specifically the stories in her lyrics, need to feel just right — they each need to find and address a truth, or a struggle, or an ineffable urge of the soul. That struggle isn't always resolved on her new album, Wake Up Brave, but a hopefulness is always located.

Image by   Cybelle Codish

Image by   Cybelle Codish

The Metropolitan


There are two words that are indispensable when you talk about Emily Rose. The first (of course) is talented. The second is … well, let’s go with exasperating.

Talented, the most obvious one of the two, needs little in the way of explanation. An established presence on the Detroit music scene for a decade, Rose’s latest release, Wake Up Brave,  helped earn her a sixth Detroit Music Award this year.